Delicate Essay Topics

There are some areas that you just have to tread carefully with like talking about politics or religion I would say yeah but again if you have people proofreading your essays and give that something that they could you know brief and you can get their perspective and opinion on whether or not they feel like it’s you know to touch me or controversial that’s not we haven’t seen a saying that you know touch upon volition and maybe more controversial subjects but it’s it can be done in a way where it’s not you know who doesn’t like it doesn’t like polarize people and you all kind of get fired up something is there but is there a best way to start an essay and to end in a setting that’s all personal choice almost I think what we’ve been saying about like a good hook is always good to start things off.

So we really want to continue reading but I think however you start and ending it you want to make sure that it closes it up that it’s not you’re not starting with one thing and then ending with another open thought yeah don’t introduce new thought the end your essay and kind of leave us hanging if you want to have a strong clothes and make sure that your your conclusion really summarizes everything that you want it to yeah I mean you can feel free to open it just like I am this person like the way that yeah I personally like it when people are bringing a detail from their life that kind of leads a little mystery and then you want to read more all right that’s however you want to use that okay there are so many experiences that make up the essence of a person how do we pick and choose what to write about in the amount of time we’ve got amount of characters that we have yes I think that the detail in the Biograph class it gives you a little bit of an idea itself yeah all the things that all little phrases that we saying that are all things that we feel like are things you should talk about so your your family is important you know you and a puppy my fans there’s a good likely at some point I don’t know that’s a prompt off the top of my head .

I think it asked you to talk about your life experiences and how it has shaped who you are and in a way how has it continued to shape you and moving forward so make sure you’re touching upon those areas in your essay that you know what you’ve learned from it and how you can use that moving forward which I know we have repeated and a couple times in this webinar already but it’s something that we really would like to see is that you there’s some sort of direction that you’re heading.